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FFC Cares is a division of First Fiduciary Corporation (FFC) which offers services to help our clients with their financial and care management needs. FFC was the first professional fiduciary in Minnesota, founded in 1969. FFC is engaged by individuals, banks, attorneys and family members to offer advice or assistance with financial and care management issues, serving clients across the country with a wide variety of age and estate sizes. We act as Guardian, Conservator, Trustee, Personal Representative for Estates, Attorney-in-Fact, and other Fiduciary positions.

With 50 years of experience, we have built a reputation as a trusted leader in the field of fiduciary and care management. FFC advocates at the national and state level for the rights of clients, and the transparency and accountability of guardians and conservators.

Please call us at 651-289-4949 for more information or to set up a meeting to discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you.

Our services include the following:

Trust Services

First Fiduciary Corporation specializes in many types of trusts to help clients manage large assets, avoid the expenses of probate, avoid conservatorships, and provide for ongoing financial management if the trust creator becomes incapacitated.

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Health Care Agent

When named as Health Care Agent, First Fiduciary will meet with the client regularly to discuss their health care and their wishes regarding future medical care. FFC is also available to assist in coordinating care, attend appointments, and plan medical and housing decisions.

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Estate Services

To ensure the estate is settled properly, and sometimes to avoid conflict within the family, First Fiduciary serves as Personal Representative of the Estate in their wills. FFC is also frequently appointed by the court when needed.

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First Fiduciary Corporation’s Accounting Services assist companies and individuals with financial analysis and accounting in situations when your business does not have the staff or expertise for accounting work that is needed for your company.

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Guardians and conservators are appointed and supervised by the court because the individual has demonstrated an inability to make decisions for themselves. FFC serves as guardians and conservators for a large number of clients to help with decisions relate to the person’s health, well-being, housing, personal care or finances.

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Forensic Accounting

FFC’s forensic accounting services assist companies, individuals and attorneys with financial analysis and investigative accounting in situations where fraud is suspected. Our forensic accounting services include: family law, fraud investigation and examination, litigation support and probate law.

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Power of Attorney

When named as Attorney-in-Fact, First Fiduciary Corporation will manage current financial matters, and carry out and advocate for previously expressed wishes when the client is unable to act for themselves.

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Trust FFC Standby Administration

For ease when preparing documents, attorneys often recommend their clients nominate First Fiduciary Corporation as standby or successor trustee. First Fiduciary Corporation will carry out the services set forth in the documents or the documents can be updated once the family decides who they wish to nominate.

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