About Us

FFC Cares has been helping clients with care management services for half a century. We have offices in both Minneapolis and St. Paul and serve clients in the Twin Cities and throughout the United States.

There are other companies that provide care management services but there are some important differences that set us apart.

Who We Are

FFC Cares is a trusted leader in the care management industry and provides care management and on call services.

FFC Cares is a division of First Fiduciary Corporation which was the first professional fiduciary in Minnesota, founded in 1969. First Fiduciary Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality financial, care and estate services to ensure our clients’ personal and financial goals are met.

This connection gives us an advantage over other care management companies because we are able to offer a broad range of services to help with both financial and care management needs.



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Our Approach

FFC Cares is dedicated to working in the service of our clients. We optimize the well-being and dignity of each individual facing ongoing health concerns or other challenging situations.

Our care managers:

  • Are highly trained and experienced professionals
  • Have long-term relationships within the social services community
  • Are knowledgeable about local and community resources
  • Are experienced with complex cases and varied family situations

Our employees are held to the highest ethical and professional standards, and are amongst the most highly trained and experienced professionals working today.

FFC Cares Care Managers are certified as Aging Life Care Professionals and certified through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers.

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What Makes Us Different

What makes a care manager stand apart from the others is the commitment to stay focused on the needs of the client and family. Others may offer services for less, but what you receive cannot help but be influenced by the payment structure.

Hospital- or insurance-based case managers are employees of the health care system. They are good professionals. Their focus, however, is to address the issues of patients within the institution and to make efficient use of services for their organization.

We are based in the community and work with aging adults wherever they live. We provide continuity of care across all settings. We include the family and focus on improving quality of life for the older adult and their grown children.

Senior advisors are paid referral fees to suggest elder care facilities. As a general rule, they have a more limited sphere of knowledge and do not hold a professional degree needed to give them expertise in the 8 key areas of elder care. Only those facilities willing to pay a finder’s fee will be included in their list of suggestions. There may be a more appropriate option, but it will not be mentioned if the facility does not pay for referrals.

Because we are paid directly by you, we are independent and objective. Our focus is 100% on the needs of your family and your aging loved ones. We apply our considerable skill and years of training to your unique situation.

When the issue is safety and quality of life, you deserve the best!

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Professional Memberships

We pride ourselves in our commitment to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of senior services and aging research. To this end, our care managers are members of the following professional organizations:

Our director, Jenna S. Sartorius, also serves as unit leader for the Minnesota Chapter of the Aging Life Care Association.


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