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Aging is a complex process that touches many facets.

A care manager brings knowledge, skills and experience to help you navigate the journey, no matter the challenges you may face.

FFC Cares (geriatric care management) is a holistic person-centered approach to assisting individuals facing ongoing health concerns or other challenging situations. FFC Cares Care Professionals allow the client to optimize their quality of life while reducing stress and anxiety for family caregivers.

Give us a call at 651-289-4949 if you are in need of support in any one of these areas:

Our services include the following:


While the experience of aging is much more than changes in the body, it is generally healthcare concerns that bring clients to our door.

We understand the health care system. Let us facilitate communication with doctors so you get the care you want and the support you deserve. We can match you to the services most suited to your needs with an eye to saving you time and money.

Our experience with many, many clients who have gone through similar situations allows us to give you perspective and a context for the path ahead.

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Most older adults prefer to “age in place,” meaning stay in their homes. Who wouldn’t? But family can’t always provide the assistance that is needed. And outside help costs money.

Let us assess the situation and propose a variety of options based on safety, finances and personal preferences. We know the area resources and can make recommendations tailored to your care needs and family situation.

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24/7 On-Call Emergency Services

Our staff are available anytime to respond to urgent needs or emergencies.

Additionally, we offer a stand-by care management service, FFC Cares OnCall Care Management for those that don’t need active care management but want to be assured their needs will be met in the event of an emergency.

This service provides 24-hour emergency support. It is especially important for solos and provides peace of mind for those individuals with family members that live out of town or out of state.

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Crisis Intervention

Our care managers will assist clients in navigating through hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays and home or personal crisis situations.

No one wants to end up in the emergency room. But sometimes the unexpected happens and decisions need to be made quickly.

Perhaps there’s been a fall and now a skilled nursing facility is required. We can assist with finding the best fit and arranging for a smooth transfer.

Live far away? Need someone to be your 24/7 emergency contact? We can do that!

Or maybe you’d just like to take a vacation and you need someone to be available in case something happens while you are gone.

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Caregiver Support

It can be very stressful for caregivers when an older relative or loved one needs help. Our care managers are available to help families and caregiver’s problem-solve, address care needs and cope with challenging decisions.

Let us help you find common ground and arrange support so that all concerns are acknowledged, and needs are respected.

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We are not attorneys. But we can help you with simple documents, such as an advance directive. And we can refer you to elder law attorneys and other professionals to help with more complicated needs such as estate planning, facility contracts, or arranging for guardianship. Our parent company, First Fiduciary Corporation can also serve as POA, health care agent, trustee and PR of Estate.

Perhaps you have a situation where you need legal testimony about a person’s mental competence, or optimal placement given their health and limitations. We can do assessments and make recommendations, providing expert testimony or written reports for the court.

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Advocacy and Resource Connection

Sometimes you just need someone in your corner to be sure that your voice is heard. Whether it’s talking to the doctor, or negotiating with insurance or a care facility, our professionalism and knowledge of the industry allows us to go to bat for you.

Who has the nicest caregivers? Which doctors listen best? What hospital has the highest rating?

One key advantage of working with a care manager is our intimate knowledge of local service providers, their personalities and their eligibility requirements.

Part of our service includes helping you clarify your wants and desires, your values and priorities. Then we work to be sure that those hired to provide your care do what they can so you get to live according to your wishes.

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Medicare, Medi-gap, Part D, Medicare Advantage… There’s so much to keep track of! And that’s just the insurance side of the picture.

Let our experience with these and other programs match you with the best services for your budget. We can assist with sorting out deductibles and co-pays and identify potential duplications in services.

Beyond insurance, are you concerned about a loved one’s ability to manage their money? We can help with that too. From special debit cards and bank accounts, to financial planners and bill paying, we can make referrals and propose solutions that maximize dignity and independence while protecting assets.

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